Water Conserver

Water Conserver

Benefits of a Water Conserver treatment...

  • Significantly reduces the irrigation requirement of soils.
  • Effective relief from the symptoms of Dry Patch.
  • Effective through the root zone of the grass and not just the surface.
  • Especially good for your lawn if you live in a drought affected area.

During summer months and dry spells your lawn may not look as green as you would like but appear brown and patchy. There is no reason to worry as your lawn is thirsty and as soon as the weather changes and the rains return it will green up again.

Lawns like every living thing need water but at certain times of year your lawn won’t look at its best as there will have been little rainfall and you cannot or will not water your lawn. This can lead to Dry Patch*.

LawnHopper® has a treatment that can help the lawn during the summer months. Our water conserver is a wetting agent which significantly reduces the irrigation required of soil and can bring relief from Dry Patch. The treatment allows water to enter the root zone.

After an application of this treatment any moisture around will penetrate the root zone which helps keep the grass greener without the need for irrigation.

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*Dry Patch
Dry patch is a disease that occurs during drought conditions. It makes the soil hydrophobic which means that water is repelled. Symptoms of Dry Patch are dry, crusty, thatch ground.